Vortex Yoga Hiking In Sedona, Your Journey Begins Here.
Biggest Welcomes! It’s Yogi Blair and it's been since high school where the P.E. class I chose was actually "yoga hiking." Pretty cool high school teacher. This website is dedicated to sharing the culmination of my experiences, extraordinary gifts, and teaching styles. Looking forward…
The response to our latest creative additions to the yoga hiking world in Sedona has been marvelous. Along with our tours and choices, Vortex Yoga Hiking In Sedona offers the latest and hippest, uniquely profound yet simple retreat options which can be integrated into hiking experience, tours and off the trail experience. These experience are created for you to receive unfading great clarity, amplify your intent, have fun, find answers, trust and relax, and expand your experience of Sedona. It is truly a pleasure to offer these unique one of a kind packages and tours, for they are what lights Jimi Hendrix's fire, has Mother Teresa raise her glass, floats Joe Montana's spiral and keeps the Buddha laughing. A peaceful awakening with a rejuvenating flare and something for everyone. Ya know, it's essential to embrace the sacred and wise, and to often remember our light hearted playful smile as we do so. 

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