Sacred Creations

There are many more energy areas than what are found on a Sedona vortex map. I’m often asked what is a vortex? Regarding a vortex meaning, I love sharing this during the yoga hikes. The energy available here in Sedona has great potential to ignite that sweet creative spot within us. Here are some of the more free of cost creative enhancements you may choose to integrate into our hiking tours…

Walking Chocolate Meditation

This is a wonderfull opportunity to feel into a deeper dimensional experience with this most beloved gift from mother earth.

Walk like a Mayan. Let the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth. Truly enjoy the merging of pleasure’s delight and taste destiny. Okay on to the next flavor please. The feelings of love and life brought forth from chocolate indulging has never been so satisfying.

Sedona chocolate meditation
This is a wonderful opportunity to feel into a deeper dimensional experience with your self and this most beloved gift from mother earth. Walking meditation is power as is, and when combined with the present presence of chocolate, it is truly a blissful moment to remember. The bonus is… our chocolates are made with all raw and organic ingredients thus bringing forth something very healthy for your body and being.

Aroma Therapy

Heighten your vibration with natures own essences.

Essential oils have been classically used to balance moods, lift spirits, enhance well being and physically and energetically transform consciousness for well over 6,000 years. Aroma union, therapy, indulgence, blessing, however you like to feel it, is absolutely a delightful treat to be integrated within any experience.

Aromatherapy in Sedona
Tucan Sam in Sedona
Essential oils on a Sedona hike
As we often find, it’s not necessarily true when you hear people say that “our oils are pure and of highest quality”. However we can positively reassure you that the oils we use are of the highest vibration with the purest true genuine authentic virtue and quality representing the life force of the plant.

Encode Your Own Crystals

It’S ALIVE!!! This aliveness is one of crystals most intriguing qualities and profound reasons to interact with them. How and what though?

“Science” knows that the Atoms and Molecules within crystals move and vibrate (self relocate). The Slicon Chip in a computer is simply a crystal silica matrix which is what the data is programmed onto . Data travels through electricity and is stored in the crystal chips. Feew, Thanks for crystals! The cool part is that we too can reprogram crystals with energy of consciousness (intent). That’s where the fun begins….

Using crystals in Sedona
Just like all other things which are alive, crystals take on and project more intense vibrations while in Sedona. So let’s get busy with it I say!

Generally we will take a 10 minute stop in which a technique of learning how to program/encode your own crystal is learned. You can bring your own crystal or use one that is given to you.

Raw Food Picnic

We encourage everyone to eat more living raw foods, and if desired, how to adapt a delicious lifestyle that supports such enrichment.

The raw food picnic works perfectly because we build up quite an appetite from roaming the rocks and yoging it up. You decide what it is ahead of time at the ChocolaTree Cafe, and we’ll make sure it makes it to your tasty buds. As drinks and smoothies can be a bit cumbersome on the trail it is recommended to bring only appetizers, entrees and or desserts. Not necessarily though, if you’re okay with caring and carrying it, they feel free to bring it along.

Raw food in Sedona
Healthy food picnic in Sedona

Summer Swimming

Who would have thought that a desert has water?

The abundantly ever flowing Oak Creek always hits the right refreshing spot for a Summer “thank you cool down”. There are a few secret spots nestled away in this rich canyon that allow for a perfect addition to any Summer daytime hike.

There's actually a creek in the desert
Sedona creek swimming tour

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